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Private Rail Car


Built by Budd in 1950 for the Union Pacific Railroad as the "Pacific Scene" - this car went to Amtrak and then into private ownership.

The car was extensively rebuilt to meet modern Amtrak standards, and has been kept current with all Amtrak regulations.


The Silver Star sleeps 8 guests and a crew of 2. Special features are:

  • Unusually large stainless steel kitchen

  • Reconfigurable dining room which can be set in different dining arrangements

  • Tiled shower and dressing room

  • Solarium lounge designed for casual comfort and touring.

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Imagine the Luxurious Experience of Private Rail Car Ownership

The experience of traveling by private rail car cannot be summed up in a few words. It is an experience that one takes to immediately.

We live in a beautiful country and to view it at a comfortable altitude of ten feet without having to worry about traffic, crowds of people or the TSA is a wonderful and memorable experience.