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Dining Room

The dining room was designed to be one of the main focal points of the Silver Star. Professionally made with Honduran mahogany, the dining room is intended to a multi-function gathering place.

The tables are designed to be moved at will to accommodate the owners desire for unique and elegant seating. The “Traditional” arrangement will seat two people per table at each of the four windows. The “Family” arrangement will seat eight guests at a table that is nearly square. The “Banquet” style will seat up to ten people encompassing the length of the room.


Mood can be enhanced by any combination of brass wall sconces, LED strip lighting, or the overhead lights. All lights have dimmers. Speakers in the ceiling may provide music and the volume can be controlled within the dining room.

The dining room also features an ice making machine and a beverage cooler so that guests may be served without interfering with the kitchen staff.

Table for two   Dining - Banquet seating

Square table for eight   Table setting


The second main focal point of the Silver Star is the Solarium lounge. During the reconstruction of the Silver Star, some windows were enlarged, some new windows were added, and a new door was custom built to make the viewing a truly outstanding experience.


The Solarium features a television, sound system, and two colors of LED mood lighting. One unique feature of the Solarium is its four-exterior locomotive headlights that may be illuminated at night for a truly mesmerizing view of the world.

Solarium   Solarium

Sleeping Accomodations

During the reconstruction, most of the original sleeping accommodations were removed. Two roomettes (suitable for one person each) were retained for the crew but may also be used by guests. Four of the double bedrooms were retained for guest use. Each room will accommodate two guests and has its own private toilet and sink. The beds fold out of sight during the day and will be made up by the crew when needed. Each room has its own USB charging port.


One feature of the bedrooms is that two pairs of rooms have a moveable partition so that the room may be expanded to include four people. The reconstruction program included all new fabrics on the seating as well as all new bedding.

The first pair of pictures show Rooms A and C - day and night configuration. The second pair shows Rooms B and D.

Bedrooms A and C by Day   Bedrooms A and C at Night

Bedrooms B and D by Day   Bedrooms B and D at Night


The Silver Star has a very large kitchen by private car standards. The stainless-steel kitchen was professionally designed, built, and installed. The appointments include a refrigerator, a freezer, a slide-in range with a convection oven, and a convection microwave oven.


There are three sinks with a food-grade sliding cover. There is a pass-thru window to the dining room that may be closed when not used.

Kitchen   Kitchen

Dressing Room and Shower

The Silver Star offers its guests a sizable shower with a teak floor mat. The dressing room affords our guests the privacy they require when bathing.



Each of the double bedrooms contains a private space with a commode and sink such as shown below.

Shower   Bathroom


The San Gabriel Mountains and Cajon Pass emerge in a California sunrise.



Bringing up the rear eastbound toward Colorado as the sun sets.

San Gabriel Mountains   East to Colorado

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